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Greetings from Mbandaka

Greetings from Mbandaka,

We are extremely thankful for so many answered prayers including that we are coping well with the heat and humidity! God is very gracious and merciful to us.

Here is a little update as of late:

Upon arriving to the DRC we waited for our flight to Mbandaka at the missionary guest house in Kinshasa. The ceiling in the library was destroyed due to water from our tropical rains, so Ron and some men helped  put in a new ceiling and I (Doris) sorted through books and threw away those that were damaged. Our week there was both fantastic and rewarding.

We arrived in Mbandaka Tuesday with all our bags and began cleaning and organizing our new home inside the city limits on a good road with great security.

Ron's meeting with the Agricultural Team at the farm assessing the production and the training, was encouraging. I worked with the new teachers will need much wisdom.

Answered prayer: Our boat shipment successfully arrived with all the “audio Bibles” and food supplies from Kinshasa! Your prayers have been and will continue to be crucial in advancing the Kingdom of God in the DRC. Thank you!!

United in Love, Walking in Hope, Persevering in Faith,

Ron & Doris

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