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Introducing Our English Training Center!

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Located in Mbandaka, our RWI English Training Center (ETC) equips students with reading development, writing, listening, and speaking skills. The Bible is foundational to our curriculum as each English lesson is accompanied by a Bible concept, a story or Bible memory verse, and a song.

Teacher introduction at the first session

The center’s administrator, Jures Belengeli, leads a team of 7 university students who teach English part-time: Begrady, Benjamin, Jenos, John, Joshua, Shadrack, Blaise. Under his leadership, our teachers are trained to acquire knowledge, think critically, plan effectively and inspire lifelong learning.

Begrady teaching the advanced class

Everyone entering our English Training Center is asked two key questions to inspire them on their journey:

Who is your final authority?

What is your final authority?

Jures’ love for God, God’s Word, and his servant's heart have set him apart for this managerial position. We are incredibly grateful to have all of these talented teachers on our team!

Jures teaching beginners

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