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Multiplication Amidst a Move

A road trip to six villages confirmed that the Farming God’s Way vision is spreading organically. Farmers who experienced success with their initial plots and applied the principles to larger fields have become advisors to their neighbors who come to them asking what magic they are using to achieve such remarkable increases in these small fields. Jean Robert and Jean Luc from Botende enthusiastically share the Farming Gods Way concepts with their neighbors. We have had several reports that families are eating better and have had some produce left over to sell in the market for profit. This must happen for the poor to emerge from poverty. We praise God for these reports.

Please pray for us as we are presently in the process of moving to a new location in Mbandaka since the property that has served as our home base and farm is being sold. God has graciously provided a secure home a mile upriver. We have also acquired an acre of land about three miles away to be cleared and developed as our Farming God’s Way base for training and demonstration plots.

Our move is happening in addition to our normal ministry activities, so your prayers are deeply appreciated.

United in Love, Walking in Hope, Persevering in Faith,

Ron & Doris

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