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Rising to the Occasion

Ron and Doris are currently back in the US for some R&R reconnecting with friends and family. Please be praying for Ron as he regains strength after getting malaria in the DRC.

Meanwhile, our core team of Congolese have risen to the occasion and are serving in multiple capacities while Ron and Doris are away.

Jean Baptiste (JB) is graciously leading Ron’s bible study. Please pray that the Lord will give the young men teachable hearts as they walk in obedience to God’s Word and stand against cultural Animism.

Ikota Motuli is a 2nd-year student at the Mbandaka Institute for Rural Development and participated in the Bible study Ron led with students there.

He is presently working with JB and will be interning with our Farming God’s Way program. Ikota desires more intensive practical involvement in the entire process of planning, preparation, planting, maintenance, harvest, and post-harvest. He has a heart for God and is already working with JB.

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