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Proclaiming Jesus Amongst the Pygmy Population

Pygmies of the DRC walking in a circle

Greetings from Mbandaka,

In the D R Congo, the Pygmy population is generally marginalized and discriminated against by three other major ethnic groups. In our region, the Bantu typically will not eat with Pygmies or the food prepared by them. This is similar to the New Testament Jews and the Samaritans who wanted nothing to do with each other. 

Thankfully, as Jesus challenged the social norm with the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well, Mama Monique Iyetshi, a Bantu Congolese woman’s leader, is challenging Congo’s status quo concerning their interaction with Pygmies working amongst them in their local village. She insists that the ethnic groups eat together, preparing food in local pots. She does this by saying, “Jesus does not discriminate”. 

Mama Monique Iyetshi started a Proclaimer “listening club” among the Pygmy women. They listen to the New Testament in Lingala and discuss its meaning. The dividing walls of hostility are crumbling and God’s Word is not returning void!

Five brothers and a few neighbors meet twice weekly to listen to the Proclaimer and discuss God’s Word. After a few months of listening to God’s Word, a preacher visiting the village spoke about ideas contrary to what they had been hearing on the Proclaimer. They confronted him by playing the Bible passages back from the Proclaimer to justify their objections. Needless to say, the visiting preacher hasn't returned. These brothers were encouraged because the truths they heard on the audio Bible kept them from heresy and allowed them to confront untruths. 

Please pray that God would help us to persevere in stifling humidity and to be fruitful in all circumstances.

United in Love, Walking in Hope, Persevering in Faith,                     

Ron & Doris

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