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The Mission Continues...

Greetings from Congo,

After arriving in Kinshasa with all our luggage intact and a warm reception at the mission guesthouse, we are grateful to have arrived in Mbandaka safely. Trunks with 300 Proclaimers and other supplies were loaded onto a boat in Kinshasa and successfully made the journey too. 

These 300 Audio Bibles will be used for listening groups of 10-20+ people allowing thousands of people to hear God’s Word for the first time. The hunger to know God’s Word here is incredible! We have many requests from Pastors with churches in the interior for “Bibles that talk in our language”. Please pray for discernment in our distribution process.

Pastor Japeth focuses on outreach among the Pygmies who speak Lingala. A lady representing a small farm population along the river received a Proclaimer in Lingala and will translate it into her own language. Once it is edited and recorded in Mbandaka, her people will hear the Scriptures in their language for the first time.

I am facilitating a multimedia theology course for local Pastors. I have two groups meeting three times a week for a two-hour session with eighteen Pastors and Evangelists. The enthusiasm grows with each session. Pray that God will use this to strengthen the local churches. 

Jean Mongo, an experienced farmer who underwent our training, has joined our Farming God’s Way leadership team. He is developing our gardens at the Training Farm in Bolenge. Pray Jean will be both resourceful and creative. We are excited to have him join us here at RWI! 

Doris continuous to train English teachers from 8:00 to 10:30 am (Monday—Friday) in Bible and English. Due to a teacher shortage, she will add an additional class in the afternoon. Pray for more teachers to be raised up and for endurance in the heat and humidity.

Jures, who faithfully teaches and supervises the English Bible Training Center, is now engaged to Therese. Once the families agree on the dowry, they will set their wedding date. We greatly rejoice!

Please join us in praying that God will give us leaders who can facilitate Proclaimer groups and disciple those who come to saving faith in Jesus Christ. The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few…

United in Love, Walking in Hope, Persevering in Faith,                     

Ron & (Doris)

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